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Average 24-hour Retrospective

1Dindaung district RoadsideAlong Vibhavadi Rangsit Road28-05-2020 05:003913Very good quality
2Prakanong district RoadsideWithin Prakanong District Office28-05-2020 05:002311Very good quality
3ฑatburana district RoadsideWithin Ratburana District Office28-05-2020 05:00429Very good quality
4Rachathewi district RoadsideWithin Ratchathewi District Office28-05-2020 05:002112Very good quality
5Dusit district RoadsideThe garden area opposite the Dusit District Office28-05-2020 05:002410Very good quality
6Pom Prap Sattru Phai District RoadsideIn front of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (Lan Luang intersection)28-05-2020 05:003210Very good quality
7Samphanthawong District RoadsideAround the corner Chalermprakiat Arch (Odean Circle)28-05-2020 05:00-10Very good quality
8Phaya Thai District RoadsideFront of the Army Flats near Vichaiyut Hospital Opposite the Ministry of Finance28-05-2020 05:00-12Very good quality
9Wang Thonglang District RoadsideIn front of Esso gas station Soi Ladprao 9528-05-2020 05:00-24Very good quality
10Pathumwan District RoadsideIn front of Sam Yan Mitrtown mall28-05-2020 05:00-11Very good quality
11Bangsak Distinct RoadsideBeside the police yard in front of Bang Rak Lovely Plaza28-05-2020 05:00-13Very good quality
12Sathon DistrictGeneral areaThe intersection in front of the Sathorn District Office, Soi St. Louis Road28-05-2020 05:00-15Very good quality
13Bang Kho Laem District RoadsidePolice area, the road intersection28-05-2020 05:00-19Very good quality
14Yannawa District RoadsideNear Bank of Ayudhya, Head Office28-05-2020 05:00-12Very good quality
15Wattana District RoadsideOpposite the noble Reveal (beside MK gold restaurants)28-05-2020 04:00n/a11Very good quality
16Suan Luang District RoadsideIn front of Suan Luang District Office28-05-2020 04:003512Very good quality
17Bang Na District RoadsideIn front of the mall Big C Bangna Department Store28-05-2020 05:004315Very good quality
18Chatuchak District RoadsideIn front of Kasetsart University28-05-2020 05:00-11Very good quality
19Don Mueng DistrictGeneral areaBeside Don Mueang District Office28-05-2020 05:003618Very good quality
20Sai Mai District RoadsideBus stop in front of Saimai District Office28-05-2020 05:004619Very good quality
21Bangkapi District RoadsideBeside the police fort opposite the Bang Kapi District Office28-05-2020 05:00-21Very good quality
22Khan Na Yao DistrictGeneral areaAt the entrance to Suan Siam Road intersects with Ram Inthra Road.28-05-2020 05:003610Very good quality
23Lat Krabang District RoadsideIn front of Lat Krabang Hospital beside the police fort28-05-2020 05:00-16Very good quality
24Meenburi District RoadsideChalermprakiat Rama IX Park opposite the clock tower Opposite Min Buri District Office28-05-2020 05:004313Very good quality
25Nong Chok District RoadsideIn front of Nong Chok District Office28-05-2020 05:005116Very good quality
26Prawet District RoadsideIn front of Seacon Square Department Store28-05-2020 04:005419Very good quality
27Thon Buri District RoadsideAlong the bus stop in the area28-05-2020 05:00-11Very good quality
28Khlong San District RoadsideIn front of the library under the bridge of King Taksin Bridge27-05-2020 18:00-16Very good quality
29Bangkok Yai District RoadsideAt Tha Phra Intersection Wat Tha Phra Sub-district28-05-2020 05:004222Very good quality
30Bangkok Noi District RoadsideIn front of Bangkok Noi Railway Police Station28-05-2020 05:00-9Very good quality
31Taling Chan District RoadsidePhutthamonthon Sai 1 Road, intersecting with Borommaratchachonnani Road28-05-2020 05:003913Very good quality
32Thawi Watthana District RoadsideEntrance to Sanam Luang 228-05-2020 05:002311Very good quality
33Phasi Charoen District RoadsideIn front of Siam University (about Soi Phetkasem 36), the entrance to the university is about 10 meters.28-05-2020 05:00-14Very good quality
34Nong Khaem District RoadsideThree intersections, next to the police fort, Maarearoen Phetkasem Road 828-05-2020 05:003215Very good quality
35Bang Bon District RoadsideNear Bang Bon Market28-05-2020 05:003216Very good quality
36Thung Khru District RoadsideIn front of King Mongkut s University of Technology Thonburi28-05-2020 05:002812Very good quality
37Phra Nakhon District RoadsideWithin the Phra Nakhon District Office28-05-2020 05:00-10Very good quality
38Huai Khwang DistrictGeneral areaWithin the Huai Khwang District Office (Beside the nursery) Pracha Uthit Road28-05-2020 05:00339Very good quality
39Khlong Toei DistrictGeneral areaWithin the Khlong Toei District Office28-05-2020 05:00-16Very good quality
40Bang Sue DistrictGeneral areaWithin Bang Sue District Office28-05-2020 05:00-9Very good quality
41Ladphrao DistrictGeneral areaInside the Lat Phrao District Office28-05-2020 04:00299Very good quality
42 Laksi DistrictGeneral areaWithin the Laksi District Office28-05-2020 05:00-15Very good quality
43Bang Khen District RoadsideWithin Bang Khen District Office28-05-2020 05:00-14Very good quality
44Saphan Sung DistrictGeneral areaWithin the Saphan Sung district office28-05-2020 04:003310Very good quality
45Buengkum DistrictGeneral areaWithin Bueng Kum District Office28-05-2020 05:00-17Very good quality
46Klong Samwa DistrictGeneral areaWithin the Khlong Sam Wa District Office28-05-2020 05:003510Very good quality
47Chom Thong DistrictGeneral areaWithin Chomthong District Office28-05-2020 05:00149Very good quality
48Bang Phlat District RoadsideWithin Bang Phlat District Office28-05-2020 05:00-6Very good quality
49Bang Khae DistrictGeneral areaWithin Bang Khae District Office28-05-2020 05:002213Very good quality
50Bang Khun Thian District RoadsideWithin Bang Khun Thian District Office28-05-2020 05:00-15Very good quality
51Pathumwan District Roadside28-05-2020 04:00-15Very good quality

The standard




PM10 Unit: micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3)

PM2.5 Unit: micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3)

- Roadside area: less than 10 meters from the main road

- : No measuring equipment

n/a : No measurement data

- General area: Located in the workplace Or housing Away from the main road

The information shown is information that has passed the preliminary examination only
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